Kit & Equipment

Birthdays, Christmas and special occasions wouldn't be the same without some fencing kit or equipment :) 

If you are fencing in a after school environment only you may not need to to purchase the electric kit options.  However, for all those that are fencing in either our full club based sessions (Islington or Heathfield) or intend to enter local, National competitions soon then the electric option is for you.

Please note prices will vary according to size. Therefore, some sizes will have an additional cost these are shown on each item where prices differ.

Please see the following pages for your kit & equipment requirements:

Club & School Fencing Kit & Equipment

Competition Level Fencing Kit & Equipment

Blades & Bags - for all levels

Bundles - ready made kit packages to suit every budget

Please note our bundles are organised so that you can purchase the essential items over time.  Therefore we would highly recommend buying the packages in the following order or combination unless you want to go for the all signing and dancing compete bundle set (number 4 ) for that really extra special surprise.


Competition Kit/Equipment requirements

Under 13 years old

Minimum 350N kit - Non electric Bib mask - Size 0 or 3 Electric weapon

14+ years old

Minimum 350N kit for domestic events - Electric Bib - Size 3 or 5 weapon depending on  age

Minimum 800N kit including mask for events abroad & competitions classed as International held in the UK

FIE events

Minimum 800 kit & mask - FIE blades only