Bundle 1 School/Club Starter Set - From £85.00

  • $109.00

For Adults & Children

This is the very basic kit required to start your fencing journey.  We recommend this little starter package to ensure you or your child has the very best chance in learning point control and the basic techniques of fencing. 

This bundle can be upgraded to allow electric fencing for those who are already fencing electric at either of our hub clubs based in Islington or Heathfield.  The electric option also allows entry to local & national level competitions.

Set includes: 

  • Glove x 1 Adult & Child sizes
  • Weapon x 1 (Non-electric and pistol grip electric options available - includes body wire) 
  • Weapon Bag x 1

Please note your coach will set your blade to your personal on guard and stance.  This is included in the price.

Please note prices will vary according to size and option selected. Therefore, some sizes/options will have an additional cost these are shown on each item where prices differ.